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By | September 11, 2018

Firewall Configuration For Quickbooks POS – By the term ‘Firewall’, we mean a network security device that is designed specifically to obligate the uncertified access based on certain sets of the instructions. Doesn’t matter, whether the firewall is located on the server or pc, it is able to block the communication between them Quickbooks POS (Point of Sale) company data & computer.

Point of Sale utility has an ability to automatically detect & configure the firewall if blockage of
connection is found. Many a time, the firewall is required to be configured
manually by the users. In this blog post, we shall discuss how a QB user can configure the firewall for
QuickBooks Pos by their own. While you go through manual configuration, you must read the manual
given by the firewall program. It will help you to perform the configuration properly.

At many times, Point of Sale automatically configures the firewall for its users whenever the connectivity
gets blocked. However, sometimes, you are required to configure your firewall manually. While you do the same,
you must review the suitable sections of the manual that
has been provided with the firewall program.

Steps to be performed to Manually Configure Windows firewall for QB Point of Sale-Points to Consider:
1. The user should have the power on Windows Administrator rights to perform.
2. Ensure to add the required firewall ports & Executable files for the Point of Sale utility (If, the firewall
security is a third-party program).
3. You are suggested to speak to third-party program’s developer to know – How to add port & file exemptions.

– First, Press Windows+R, it will open the run command
– After then, Type control & press OK
– Now, you will see the Control Panel
– At the right upper corner of the screen, set the “view by” to Small Icons
– Next, select the Windows Firewall
– Tap on the Advanced Settings
– Afterward, click on Inbound option there
– Click on the New Rule
– Select the Port, and after then press ‘Next’
– Press ‘Next’ after typing numbers of the ports
– Press ‘Next’ after selecting Allow Connection
– Give a name to your firewall rule followed by pressing ‘Finish’

Firewall Configuration For Quickbooks POS – Still, if you have any questions related to the configuration of firewall or other QB issues, stay connected with members at ‘Quickbooks desktop support‘. It is ready to offer remedies 24*7*365.

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