Get Solution For Quickbooks Error Code 1328

By | April 9, 2018
The users generally come across this Quickbooks Error Code 1328 while updating, repairing, installing or un-installing Quickbooks. The error can be shown in different ways but the files referenced by these kinds of error have the similar path i.e C:/config.msi/ Easily fix your Quickbooks Error Code 1328 (Reinstall using a clean install). When you face this error while installing or uninstalling your Quickbooks or while repairing your Quickbooks, the simple reinstall doesn’t solve the problem. For this, you need to perform a clean install or clean uninstall.Also, ensure that you have the download of the correct version or the installation disc along with license number or if not, you can move to Quickbooks Technical Support to receive your License

information after verifying some details:-

1. Launch the Run command
2.  Now, open Control Panel
3.  Uninstall the program i.e Quickbooks
4.  After uninstalling, clean the temporary file folder on your Pc
5. If, still issue continues while uninstalling the software like error and or unable to uninstall Quickbooks, then move to next step that is running the QB install tool by with the help of Quickbooks Expert who will save the data of your existing company file.
If you are not aware of the troubleshooting steps above,  you may connect with Quickbooks Help on  1-866-292-4631. 

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