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By | September 10, 2018

Accept Payment Through Paypal In QB Online – It is known to all of us that PAYPAL is a payment gateway application for a huge number of people. Being the finest method, you can receive/send money nationally & even worldwide from clients,
customers, and family members. PayPal is important for those merchants who run their business overseas. It has been found out that PayPal has more than 100+ millions of active & registered user a/cs.
Additionally, it permits the users to make/receive payments in more than 200 currencies in 200 marketplaces
throughout the world.

In this blog post, we shall discuss PayPal integration with QuickBooksQb is basically a package of accounting
services in the form of software & contain several other online solutions too. The app is able
to build connectivity to integrate with loads of web-based applications. To get more details about
PayPal integration with QuickBooks, you may speak to the Quickbooks Integration Support team.

How can one Sync & Integrate PayPal with the QuickBooks Online? 

Steps to be followed:
1. First, open the QuickBooks Online
2. Next, sign in the QuickBooks Online a/cs
3. After then, go to the “Apps” tab
4. Select the “Apps” tab
5. Now, enter & search PayPal in the search bar
6. Select the “PayPal” app
7. Tap on “Get App Now” button
8. Tap on the QuickBooks Online company
9. Now, click on the “Allow/Authorize” tab in order to connect the app with the Qb
Accept Payment Through Paypal In QB Online -Way to Import the PayPal Transactions to QuickBooks Online
Three methods are there to import PayPal transaction to QuickBooks:
– With IFF or CSV file, the user can import the accounting product transactions to the QuickBooks.
– Use the new PayPal API with drag & drop option. With this, you can drag the
information from PayPal to Quickbooks.
– You can make use of PayPal Bank Feed machine to fastly import transactions to QuickBooks.
Method to import PayPal Debit Card Transaction to QuickBooks Online
– In the start, sign in to QuickBooks Online account with accurate username & password
– Next, go to the “Apps” tab
– Allow syncing with PayPal app card
– Afterward, choose the setting of the Sync with PayPal app card. Then, you will see a tab.
– Click on ‘Edit’ option in the App setting
– Please ensure that the checkbox is marked for Include my PayPal Debit Card transactions when importing
With the aforementioned steps, users will be guided to sync & import the PayPal Debit Card transactions
automatically to Qb software. Motivate cash flow & finances with QuickBooks and PayPal Integration
– Get paid instantly:
Send invoice from the QB software & settle the payment via PayPal
– Save Time:
Import the transaction data like sales, expenses, discounts, charges, and GST via PayPal a/c.
– Be Organized:
Accept Payment Through Paypal In QB Online – Update your PayPal sales invoices & manage expenses in the Quickbooks Support Chat. For further details, dial a toll-free number of Quickbooks ProAdvisor 1-866-292-4631.

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