By | July 26, 2018
 QUICKBOOKS ERROR FILE EXIST – QuickBooks is becoming an integral part of today’s life. For your business. it works as a vital accountant, and keep your information safe for decades. Like other application, it is also not free from errors. But you need not get upset, the errors can be corrected by technical experts. Users often complain about ‘QuickBooks the file Exists Error’ as it’s a common one. Non-updation of your QuickBooks software file is the reason behind the occurrence of this error.
The problem generally appears when the user tries to open file menu from printer setup option.  Steps to be followed by user:
– If you face any problem while opening the software, right click on the icon and choose to run as an administrator
option Window permission should be set in an absolute manner to run the process, the method is given below:
– QuickBooks software should be turned off during this process
– Now, go to Windows Explorer and right-click on intuit folder in driven C: program
– After then, choose property settings and then select security tab option
– Complete the process by choosing Advanced tab and clicking on owner button in order to select user group. If you require a separate system than users, you are supposed to own Intuit ownership
– Chose your computer name users. Also, check tick mark in full control
– Hit OK and then exit intuit folder
QUICKBOOKS ERROR FILE EXIST – With these steps, you can simply make your issue correct. If not, consult our  Quickbooks desktop support toll-free  1-866-292-4631 number or visit us Quickbooks.com and let your issues fixed instantly and accurately.

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