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By | August 4, 2018
 Are you facing an error with last bank Previous reconciliation report that is appearing blank??
It’s quite common to face tech complications. There is no need to worry on the user’s part, as we have one to one best solutions for our users. You can apply them without wasting your precious moments.
Before you go for any solution, make sure that you back up your QuickBooks company file.
1. Non-availability of Reports:
Problem: You are unable to access last reconciliation reports and the report function and types are greyed out
and are not accessible
Damaged QuickBooks PDF converter since the last reconciliation was done can be the reason behind this.
Method 1: Please ensure that QuickBooks version is the latest one
Method 2: Open last reconciliation reports without opening it in the form of PDF file
a) In Reports menu, select the Previous Conciliation from Banking option
b) Now, open section in this report and then choose Transactions cleared, in addition to the alteration made to those
transactions since reconciliation button
Method 3: Reinstallation of PDF Converter
2. Blank Reports:
Problem: Columns in the last Reconciliation PDF Reports missing or appearing as blank
Method 1: Open Adobe Reader and edit Internet Preferences
a) First, open the Adobe Acrobat Reader
b) Now, go to Edit menu
c) From Preference option in preference list, choose Internet option
d) After then, unmark the checkbox that says Display PDF in Browser, if it is already unmarked, then mark it
e) In this step, open your last reconciliation report
Method 2: Repair and Reinstall your Acrobat Reader
Method 3: Maybe the files are damaged, thus you need to create the last reconciliation report. From history, try opening
the reports of same a/c.If any report is open, it simply shows that the desired report is damaged and it requires
to be recreated
1. Undo last reconciliation that also includes damaged reconciliation
a) From Banking menu, choose Reconcile
b) Now, tap on Undo Last Reconciliation by choosing the suitable a/c from Begin Reconciliation window
c) Hit Continue after you back up company file before undoing last reconciliation, and press Continue, in case
the file has already backed up by you
d) Hit ‘OK’ as soon as Undo Previous Reconciliation has completed message is shown on screen
e) Reconcile the transaction again
2. Reconcile all the transactions
3. Cleared transactions are appearing as uncleared
Problem: The cleared transactions are appearing as uncleared. The cause for this problem is the wrong input of the future date in statement date field in Begin Reconciliation window As statement date is assigned to every single transaction by QuickBooks desktop when it is cleared. The dates may be shown in the uncleared transaction section while running the reconciliation report.
Method 1: Undo last reconciliation and reconcile the transaction after you enter the exact date
a) From Banking menu, choose Reconcile
b) Choose suitable a/c from Begin Reconciliation window to Undo last reconciliation
c) Continue with the procedure after backing up your company file, and if it is already backed up by you, hit Enter
d) Again, reconcile all the transaction
Method 2: Leave the reconciliation in the same situation. The transaction on the report will be cleared as quick
a statement will be reached.
Previous Reconciliation Report In Quickbooks –  Still, if issues are not fixed, please call at Quickbooks proadvisor support  number 1-866-292-4631

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