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By | May 14, 2018
A multi-user running application ‘Quickbooks’ designed by Intuit permit several users to work at same time.QBDBSM (Quickbooks Database Server Manager) is a utility that allows Qb server to function multi-user access. In our today’s blog, we will discuss how to setup, install and update your Quickbooks software. You can also contact our find a Quickbooks proadvisor and will help you to install the programme.
1. Initially, locate Quickbooks installer on your pc and start the installation wizard
2. If your system is connected to a network then click ‘YES’ to download the update or ‘NO’ if there is no active internet connection
3. Select ‘Next’ option after I accept all terms
4. Click Custom and Network options
5. After this, select your installation type whether you are using Qb application on the same computer or another, if you are using Qb on another computer then you are supposed to put your license number for verification
6.  After selecting the installation type, click on Yes, Allow access option
7. Select all positive options and move ahead to set up your Quickbooks Database Server Manager
1. QBDBSM will allow you to scan and monitor your Quickbooks company file stored locally, and also configure it for multi-user access.
2. Now, launch Database Server Manager
3. Select Scan folder
4. In case, you are not sure about company’s file folder location, you may scan the entire disk
5. After this, click on Scan option, all the files found on your server will be displayed
6. Monitored Drive feature will keep QBDBSM up to date as new files are added to the server. Monitored Drive feature will help in monitoring Quickbook files that were added, removed/renamed in local drive.
7. Database server manager helps to determine the number of files that are connected to the server and the number of users logged in to each file
8. QBDBSM status should be running when the server is hosting files, to configure QuickbooksDBXX use Service Administration tool
9.  Update feature will permit the user to update QBDBSM
10.  System feature helps you to find system information where Quickbooks Database Server Manager is installed
1. Download latest release version of Quickbooks
2.  After the patch is installed, reboot the server
3. As the server gets updated, you would receive a message, The company file needs to work with this    Quickbook version
4.  It will be required to create a backup of your company file, always remember to backup your file as the updates may affect the current settings also
5. After the completion of backup, you will be able to open your file
   Please download the link:
   To get more of technical guidance, you may contact Quickbooks Technical Support via toll-free 1-866-292-4631.

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